LED Lighting

Lighting upgrades are widely recognized as the fastest ROI energy-saving measure.

Virus Mitigation

UVC Germicidal lighting is a CDC recognized way to mitigate the spread of indoor pathogens.

HVAC Savings

The HVAC system can make up as much as 40% of a building’s energy use.  Our retrofits can save as much as 30% on HVAC costs.

Portable and Emergency Power

Reliable Power when and where you need it.

LED Lighting

Energy-efficient LEDs generate savings for you while reducing maintenance costs.  Lighting upgrades are widely recognized as the fastest ROI energy-saving measure.  Customers consistently save 50-70% on lighting costs.

Viral Mitigation

We offer several ways to mitigate the spread of indoor infectious diseases. We offer indoor air quality monitoring, filtration, and ultraviolet germicidal lights.

HVAC Savings

HVAC is one of the largest portions of a building’s energy usage.  Our low-cost energy-saving devices easily attach to your AC system and result in an immediate savings of 15-30%.

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Average Lighting Bill Savings


Average HVAC Savings

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What We Do

Utility Reduction Solutions (URS) helps companies and commercial building owners implement cost-effective & sustainable energy efficiency solutions that drive down costs and create positive cash flow.

Our solutions improve the efficiency of indoor and outdoor lighting, HVAC systems, while lowering power demand.

With the emergence of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the need to reduce the indoor spread of airborne viruses has become first in mind for many business owners.  This is why we now offer various technologies to mitigate the spread indoor pathogens.

Proven Savings

LED lighting is widely accepted as the lowest cost way to dramatically decrease energy usage in your building. This is why LED lighting retrofits result in such a fast return on your investment. We utilize the award-winning, utility-recognized lighting proposal software from Retrolux. This software calculates the savings you can expect from implementing our solution. If we can’t show you at least 20% savings, we will not move forward with the project.

Lighted Sports Field

What Our Client’s Are Saying

Save Energy/Money on Lighting Bills

Utility Reduction Solutions is a distributor for several LED lighting manufacturers which means we can find the right solution for your current lighting situation and budget.  Our 4 Step process ensures that:

Your proposal savings are calculated using award-winning, engineered certified and utility accepted energy calculations.

Your company receives a solution that will include all applicable utility rebates and tax incentives your project qualifies for.

Your project will pay for itself. 

If the upfront costs are a barrier, we have Zero Down PACE financing, Zero Down Lighting as a Service financing, or PayPal Zero Down financing.

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