Horticulture Lighting

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Horticulture Lighting

Our preferred manufacturer’s LED Grow Lights are designed for single and multilayer indoor growing. The driver can be placed on the fixture or can be placed on top of the rack or other convenient location.

The modularity allows the customer to choose from multiple wattages of 500W to 900W.

The standard 6-106pxbar, 630W fixture delivers 1700 µmol/s at >2.7 µmol/J efficacy. Other options are also available.

Racking Systems and Tables

Mobile Grow Racks are engineered for higher space utilization, up to 20x based on the number of vertical layers. Each layer is designed to provide enough vertical clearance between the LED Grow Lights and the Crop Canopy for better air flow, ventilation system, and injection of Cold Air where it is highly desired. The downward air injection along the length of rack eliminates the hot spots thus maintaining a uniform  temperature across the grow room at all levels. This creates a perfect environment for the Crop to be  cultivated in the grow room. Any Crop any Climate!


We can provide OEM fertigation systems that are simple to use and can be controlled via a mobile APP. The control systems are based on Siemen’s PLC and are highly reliable with 24/7 support from Siemens technical services. The dosing pumps are from reputable high precision pump manufacturers. The system controls pH and EC (nutrient concentration). The system can be designed as inline dosing system or remixed in the tank before irrigating the plants. Cleaning and other functionalities are provided on customer request. The system can be expanded from minimum 4 inputs (pH up, pH down, Nutrient A, Nutrient B) to any number as per customer requirements. The feeding pump is part of the fertigation  system.


The CO2 monitor and controller offers a simple way to control, monitor and display CO2  levels in real-time. CO2 monitors help to diagnose the PPM of CO2 in the air and CO2  controllers can maintain the optimal level of CO2 in your grow area by sensing the PM of the ambient air then turning your CO2 generator/regulator on and off as needed. The CO2 sensor is designed for indoor carbon dioxide concentration measurement and respective air capacity regulation  through the control output signal to the CO2 valve. 

Bi Level Racking System

Rolling Tables

Full Rack with Lights

CO2 Regulation


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