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An efficient HVAC system adds up to cool savings for your business!

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AC Efficiency Adds Up to Cool Savings

Reducing air conditioning operational costs will save a tremendous amount of money since the AC is generally the highest utility cost for a business. Depending on the age of the HVAC system, we have three very cost-effective ways to dramatically reduce the amount of energy spent on running the AC system. For AC systems that are in good functioning order, we have an intelligent control device that increases the efficiency of the unit’s compressor and results in 20-30% in energy savings. Plus, we have a one-time lifetime treatment that will increase the efficiency by an additional 5-10%.

For older ACs that need replacement, we offer a mini-split system that operates on hybrid power. This means that in the daytime the unit operates on solar power and in the evening it operates on AC power. This solar-powered system generally should qualify for the federal ITC (solar tax credits).

Our hybrid AC systems are also equipped with a heat pump which means each unit can provide heating. As with the cooling function, the heating function runs off solar energy. For customers that require additional savings, our hybrid AC systems can also be fitted with battery back up which allows the unit to run off the grid even when there is no sunlight.

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