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Since June 2020, Utility Reduction Solutions answered the call from our customers and researched and identified the most effective ways to reduce the indoor spread of infectious diseases.  Utilizing a combination of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring, filtration, and ultraviolet lighting we can effectively control indoor infectious pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and mold.  Since we do not want costs to be a barrier to protecting your staff, visitors and vendors we have several no money down options to get you protected as fast as possible.

Indoor Air Quality:

The scientific data surrounding the current SARS-CoV2 virus is constantly updating.  However, one data point that remains consistent is the fact that this virus is transmitted through the air.  At this time there is still confusion regarding the size of the particles in question, and how long they persist in the air, it is generally agreed that there must be adequate airflow within a building to reduce the viral load in the air.  The most minimal air monitoring equipment we provide monitors temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels.  Coronaviruses prefer a certain temperature and humidity level to survive.  High CO2 levels in the air are indications of lower airflow than levels with low CO2 levels.  More advanced IAQ monitors will also measure volatile organic compounds along with particulate matter within the range of the Coronavirus.  Our IAQ monitoring devices measure the air constantly and provide real-time monitoring and provide alerts when levels reach targets you set. This system allows you to proactively counter existing environmental conditions that favor the Coronavirus by adjusting ventilation, reducing occupancy or raising the temperature. 


Once you have a handle on your indoor air quality (IAQ) you can now start treating the very air you breathe. We believe a layered approach is the best way to mitigate the viral load in your environment.  Most businesses were quick to add higher-rated filtration to their HVAC systems since that is a fairly low-cost way to “clean” the air.  However, the problem with blindly switching to higher-rated filters is that unless the system is adjusted for a thicker medium you run the risk of a substantial drop in airflow through your system.  This means less clean air is circulating through the building which makes matters worse. Also, the system needs to work harder to keep your spaces cool due to the decreased airflow. 

One approach that is fairly inexpensive is to either leave your filers as is or only slightly increase the HEPA rating and then add medical-grade filtration to rooms of concern where large groups of people gather such as conference rooms or breakrooms or areas that are used often by different people such as lobbies and restrooms.  The benefit of these mobile filtration units is that they can be used as needed and only in the areas identified as problems.

UVC Germicidal Lights

For over 100 years Ultraviolet light waves in the 440 nanometers range (UVC) have been used to effectively inactivate (kill) pathogens in hospitals.  UVC light kills viruses, bacteria, and mold because the light energy in those wavelengths can penetrate cell walls and break up the genetic material inside. The damage caused by UVC is so severe the pathogens can no longer replicate.  These organisms are not protected against UVC because UVC is blocked by the Earth’s atmosphere so they were never able to adapt to its effects.  UVC light is produced artificially using either fluorescent lamps, xenon bulbs, LED diodes, or special excimer lights.  Our germicidal products utilize several of the lamp technologies listed above and can be mounted either inside air conditioning units to clean the air as it travels through the lamps or they can be mounted in a room or area to disinfect surfaces.  Ultraviolet C light is dangerous and should not be exposed to eyes or skin.  Prolonged exposure can cause skin damage and blindness. This is why careful consideration of the technologies available is important before moving implementing in your building.  Our technologies have several safety features available to prevent accidental exposure. 

One option that marries both UVC sterilization and filtration is a ceiling-based filtration unit that continually filters and sterilizes air in rooms while they are in use. This technology is an affordable way to achieve both filtration and UVC sterilization.


As with any technology that is in high demand, the costs to effectively mitigate your office building, church or school can be quite high.  To minimize the costs of implementing the solutions we provide, we offer several zero down programs which allow you to pay us back using affordable monthly payments.  Currently, there are several tax benefits that allow you to recoup your upfront costs with accelerated depreciation or potentially even government grants available to reimburse you for the associated costs.  You would just need to talk to your tax advisor for details.  As of March 2021 grants from FEMA are available for various organizations such as schools and churches to protect themselves during the pandemic .

We also provide zero down financing to assist in overcoming costs as an obstacle to protecting your employees, church members, students and visitors.

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