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SunChillers™ solar heat pump is built with a high-quality DC brushless fan motor and DC permanent-magnet compressor which reduce energy loss. The DC brushless fan motor adjusts its frequency for cooling and heating accordingly.

A simple plug-and-play design with MC4 connectors enable 2 to 6 PV modules to be connected to achieve 50V to 380V input voltage for operations.

Multivalve and plug and play design simplifies installation and provide multi-zone operations to save space and cost.

Optimized duct and turbine design ensure quiet operations. The quiet mode activates when the ambient temperature is lower at night, the outdoor unit will automatically lower the operating frequency of the compressor as well as the speed of DC fan motor. With a noise level below 26 dB(A), everyone can enjoy peace and quiet in comfort.

The ducted and cassette models are equipped with fresh air intake, which can continuously supply fresh air from outdoor to indoor spaces.

Energy Efficiency

The Sunchillers™ multi-zone hybrid solar heat pump system provides excellent energy and money savings. The system is capable of providing up to 95% savings during a sunny day when solar power is used instead of grid power. It continues to provide savings with its efficient  2.5 SEER rating at night when grid power is used.

The system can still operate even if the grid voltage goes to 165V. Various sensors are deployed to detect and control refrigerant flow through the electronic expansion valve, thus achieving perfect intelligent refrigerant flow,  raising or lowering the cooling/heating capacity efficiently.

The advanced controller manages the compressor running speed, the refrigerant flow volume, fan speed, etc.,  automatically adjusting according to the actual room conditions. When the room temperature reaches the set point, the system will automatically lower its power consumption, making the system 40% to 50% more efficient when compared to regular air conditioner systems.

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