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Save Up to 30% on AC Costs

HVAC Controls

Operating your AC system can make up as much as 40% of your electricity bill. Keeping your HVAC system maintained and operating efficiently is also very expensive.  

Just as we are able to reduce the cost to operate your lights, we can also reduce the costs to operate and maintain your AC system. By using the AIRCOSAVER on your AC systems there is now an easy and affordable way to improve the energy efficiency of your existing unit. With the AIRCOSAVER you will enjoy energy savings of 15-30%, and a short payback period typically well below two years.

The AIRCOSAVER is proven to be effective by independent tests and reference installations that have consistently demonstrated average energy savings between 15% and 30% – some clients have reported even higher savings.

The standard AIRCOSAVER version is suitable for most residential and light commercial DX (direct expansion) AC systems, e.g. wall-mounted and window units, single split systems, and cassette units.

The standard AIRCOSAVER does not work with chilled water systems, evaporative cooling systems, inverter type systems or multi-split systems.

Instead of replacing your system, retrofit it! The AIRCOSAVER is designed to be installed into existing systems as a retrofit device. Installation is simple and takes approximately 30 minutes (depending on local situations). A detailed step-by-step installation manual is provided with each AIRCOSAVER.

AIRCOSAVER features & benefits:

  • Separate versions for all main power supplies (230V, 110V, 24V)
  • Available with or without strain relief for internal or external mounting
  • Automatic parameter settings for energy savings at no noticeable decrease in cooling comfort
  • Optimised for systems up to 10 tons
  • Anti short cycling protection and overall compressor protection
  • Enclosure made of non-flammable, shock-proof polycarbonate
  • Tested & compliant with international product safety and EMC standards
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standards

Why is the AIRCOSAVER effective?  The AIRCOSAVER uses sensor-driven software algorithms are used to detect thermodynamic saturation and to optimize the compressor accordingly. When overcapacity is detected, the AIRCOSAVER switches the compressor off and avoids inefficient overcooling.

The AIRCOSAVER switches your unit into “saver mode”. The fan keeps running and your system makes maximum use of the stored cooling energy in the heat exchanger. Once the stored energy is used up, the compressor can work efficiently again and is switched back on.

The set room temperature is reached without the inefficient parts of the cooling cycle. This results in significant energy savings without compromising cooling comfort.

Since the correct point to switch the compressor varies from unit to unit and changes with different weather conditions, the AIRCOSAVER is constantly adapting its settings to ensure efficient operation of your air conditioning system at all times.

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